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Welcome to Our English Home

Updated: May 23

Our household goods are finally here and we have a complete home! In December 2023, our HHG was delivered and over the past few weeks I’ve been able to make our house feel like a home with our décor and personal items. Noah and I’s living room sofa also arrived in mid-December and we are completely in love with how it turned out. We custom ordered our three-seater couch from Sofas and Stuff, a British brand that makes bespoke unique furniture for the home. It took about 5 weeks for our sofa to arrive and it was well worth the wait! Noah and I knew that we wanted to buy something in England that is unique and that we could take back to the states with us to remind us of our time here. Sofas and Stuff is quite pricey, but outstanding quality! I would love to get another furniture item from there before we PCS again, if we can afford it.

Much of the items I have were purchased in the U.S. from various stores like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and the like, but I've thoroughly enjoyed shopping at English home stores like Dunelm or The Range. If you're interested to know, our matching arm chairs were purchased from Amazon for less than $350 together! They were incredibly easy to set up, and although they were a bit stiff straight out of the box, they have become more comfortable with time and usage.

Lastly, I want to add that I LOVE the shop House Windsor, where I purchased my cutie strawberry vase - I definitely want to go back and buy more cute homewares. They have a very unique eclectic range of items to shop from.I also purchased most of my coffee table/display books from local charity shops, which is a great place to find hidden treasures!

Our house is 3 stories with 3 bedrooms and 2 and a half baths. Thankfully, we have a detached garage that we can store items in, because our home is lacking in the storage department. We have one storage closet on the second floor and an under the stairs storage closet (the harry potter room under the stairs) on the first floor. We have had to utilize shelf units for our second story storage closet and under the bed plastic bins to store extra items in. Donations to charity shops or the Airman’s Attic on base have been helpful as we purge items we don’t need. The one area of the house that bothered me the most when we first moved in, was and is the kitchen. We had a walk-in pantry in our old home, so we have had to improvise in our new home. Thank God for Amazon, because we ordered a kitchen island that provides additional storage for our pots, pans, and seasonings that don’t fit in our limited cabinet space. I’ve also been able to use magnetic spice racks and shelf dividers to help organize in our kitchen.

Overall, I do love our little home here in England while we're stationed overseas, but I can’t wait to be back in a larger home with more storage space and larger closets!!

Click here to watch my before and after house tour on TikTok.

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